Juan David Vélez BCSI

Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolfing® Movement Teacher

(503) 753-7653

OR License #7617

My goal as a Rolfing® practitioner is to help you move freely, at ease in your body.  

Ease and freedom can exist only in a body structure that is aligned with gravity – a body that is organized around a central vertical axis. As your body approaches this more upright stature, you will notice that it requires less effort to stand and move.  You will feel more relaxed and energetic, uplifted.

Injuries and chronic tension are two common factors that rob us of our easy, relaxed verticality – they create restrictions in our joints, exhaust our tissues and can threaten the physical integrity of our nerves and vessels. As a result, we feel fatigued and burdened.

Based on the information that you give me and an analysis of your structure, I will develop a strategy to address the primary restriction in your body as well as the compensations that your body has been required to adopt. With my hands, I will manipulate the contractions held in the fascia, working on some areas more than others or differently from one side to the other, helping to restore your vertical alignment.

As movement and ease come again into stuck areas of your body, you will experience increased strength, energy and freedom. You may also enjoy relief from pain, better physical performance, and the discovery of new avenues to personal growth.